About Us

Rise and shine. The smell of brewing coffee. Sunbeams glittering.
The dress combining all that you need for the day.
You feel exceptional, unique, and at ease.
Comfortable shoes. Trainers? Cowboy boots? The bag.
Hopping on a bike or walking?
Breakfast at a café, work, quick lunch.
A text message with an invitation to hang out with friends.
Dropping by the house, changing accessories and you are ready.
Going out.
A small bistro or a  restaurant? A stroll?
The end of the day. You hang up the dress smoothing it gently.
You need nothing else.

One day, many contexts – and only one outfit giving you the delight and self-confidence to match any situation. This is KAROLINA HOLDA.

KAROLINA HOLDA is a Polish high-end fashion brand for women. It stands for modernity, individualism, femininity, and sensuality. The idea behind the brand is the synergy of noble materials and perfect tailoring with an eco-friendly and sustainable, ethical approach.

KAROLINA HOLDA releases collections of ready-to-wear clothing, which merge tradition with the spirit of modernity, combining simple and timeless looks with interpenetrating patterns as well as forms that enhance women’s unique shapes. The brand’s philosophy assumes that fashion should provide comfort to our body and proposes timeless cuts that flirt with the intrigue of modern design.

The creed of KH is rooted in the ecological and ethical dimension of manufacturing products out of respect for you and for Mother Earth. The entire garment making process takes place in local sewing rooms in Poland, using noble, high-quality and eco-friendly fabrics such as:

  • OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard certified cotton
  • LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose,
  • TENCEL™ (Lyocell),
  • GOTS certified silk,
  • linen,
  • Cupro- an alternative to silk,
  • RWS certified wool,
  • deadstock and recycled materials,
  • plant-based leathers- Desserto® and apple leather.

Our latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection was made from 100% responsible fabrics. We classify fabric as responsible when it is recycled or deadstock; it is manufactured from 100% natural fibers, e.g. organic cotton; it is obtained from forests certified by FSC; and when at least 50% of the material is certified according to internationally recognized standards such as GOTS, GRS, RWS and FSC.

In harmony with yourself and nature

KAROLINA HOLDA is the brand of a self-confident woman. Strong, conscious, and feminine.

She is the kind of woman who has wanted her own clothing brand since she was a child. That’s when she got her first sewing machine, learned to sew and realized her first projects. From a girl she turned into a woman, but her life path first led her towards becoming an interior designer. Meanwhile, she continued to sharpen her fashion mind via numerous courses, by visiting museums, admiring art, drawing inspiration from her travels as well as observing women from all over the world.

Now she has back to herself and to her childhood dream, but she has not abandoned architecture completely. The soul of an architect is rooted in her designs. It is visible in the geometric forms and cuts. Among numerous inspirations to launch the brand, one took the lead. Karolina found inspiration in Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of Good Design, particularly in the idea that good design is aesthetic, timeless and, most importantly, eco-friendly. KAROLINA HOLDA was born out of a dream and it turned into a women’s brand responding to the needs and values of its clients.

Brand story

The story of KH began a long time ago, in a tailor shop run by her great-grandmother Helena, in Szczecin, Poland.

It was no ordinary tailor shop. Grandma Helena sewed opera costumes. It was there that Karolina could observe the process of stunning dresses coming to life from her grandma’s amazingly agile hands. This is where her love for garments was born.

Karolina couldn’t get enough of the prima donnas who tried on her grandma’s masterpieces of tailoring art with grace and charm as well as the pride they exuded during. Entering the shop, these beautiful yet modest women revealed the power of their self-confidence as soon as they put on the clothes tailored especially for them – becoming the queens they always had been. Power and effulgence were awakened in them. It is a mistake to think opera costumes are merely clothes aimed at impressing audience members. There is something about them that makes you read a character’s personality as soon as the actress appears on stage and even before she begins to sing. As the plot is developing, you are only more so convinced that the actress’ clothes are a perfect match for her.

Drawing on her family heritage, Karolina decided that the clothes produced for KH will have elements of opera costumes:

They consider the circumstances in which the character, that is you, lives. These are functional creations but without a compromise in appearance.
They impress and attract attention. They uncover a woman’s sway and brilliance.
They are romantic and sewed in compliance with the principles of precise tailoring.

So, what is the difference between Grandma Helena’s costumes and Karolina’s designs?

Grandma Helena’s clothes were worn on a fixed stage. When you are wearing garments made by KAROLINA HOLDA, every place you appear becomes the stage on which you play out your major roles.

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